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Kids Fishing Tournament Sarasota
 1st Annual 
 Kids Fishing Tournament 

Casting For The Kids is excited to announce our very 1st annual Kids Fishing Tournament! This is a freshwater tournament for kids ONLY! The angler meeting will be held at the Twin Lakes Pavilion on July 8th at 8:00am. Registrations can still be accepted up until 8am on July 8th in person at the pavilion. No online registrations will be accepted after July 7th. 

Fishing For Kids

The tournament will begin right after the anglers meeting on July 8th. All anglers are due back at the Twin Lakes Pavilion no later than 4pm. All Photos of fish MUST be submitted by 3:30pm. All anglers will be provided with a measuring stick at the anglers meeting. 

All fish must be measured using this exampled method. 

Fishing For Kids Sarasota FL


  • Open to all children 14 years of age and younger.

  • All fish must be caught by hook, line, rod, and reel. NO CAST NETS 

  • Check in master will have final judgement on size reading.

  • All photo submissions must have the provided tournament ruler clearly identifiable in all submitted pictures.

  • Two Specie tournament. The Largest bass per angler and the largest blue gill. The total length of both fish combined will determine the winner. This will be the overall champion. 

  • Cost is $75 per angler or $125 per family. Each child will be their own person. Meaning one child can't catch a Bass and their sibling catch a Blue Gill and they add those two fish together. The group rate is merely to help the tournament be more affordable to families with multiple children. Anglers fishing in the family group rate MUST be siblings. 

  • We cannot prevent anyone from fishing in the same pond or lake but purposely following anglers and their families to fishing spots is prohibited. 

  • In the event of a tie, the angler who registered first will determine the winner. 

  • All anglers must obey all State of Florida Fishing Regulations, including size and bag limits.

  • Three divisions  
           1.  Largest Bass and Blue Gill combined     - Champion               $500 payout 
           2. Largest Bass                                              - Bass Calcutta         $200 payout 
           3. Largest Blue Gill                                         - Blue Gill Calcutta   $200 payout 

  • To enter each Calcutta there is an additional $25 charge per angler. Those have to be paid and registered for during registration. 

  • All checks are made payable to Casting For The Kids. 

  • Most importantly have a great time and be safe!

Kids Bass Fishing Tournament Sarasota FL
Kids fish for blue gill
Kids Fishing Tournament
Registration Form

Children up to 14 yrs.
Select an item ($)

Thanks for registering. See you there!

By submitting this form, you agree to NOT hold liable Casting For The Kids or any of its members if an accident occurs during the tournament. 

All proceeds benefit local childhood cancer families. 

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