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2024 Kids Freshwater Tournament 
kids fishing tournament

The 2024 Kids Fresh Water Fishing Tournament will be held on June 8th 2024. The captains meeting will be held the morning of the tournament at the Covenant Life Church located at 8490 McIntosh Rd, Sarasota, FL 34238. The church backs up to Potter Park which has a large pond for kids to fish if they would like. 


Captain's Meeting Begins at 9am with onsite registrations taking place from 7am-9am. The anglers are due back at the Church no later than 4pm with all fish photos submitted before 3:30PM. There will be award winning BBQ along with a band, bounce houses and really cool silent auction items and local beer brewed by Big Top Brewing Company. This will be fun for all ages. The Winner from each Slam Division will receive a cash payout of $500. The winner of each Calcutta will receive a payout of $200. 

Rules and Regulations:

* The Slam winner will be determined by the total inches between the Bass and Bluegill  


* The Calcutta winner will be determined by whoever catches the largest Bass or           

   Bluegill. Angler has to be signed up for Calcutta to win. 

* All Anglers will be released to fish after Captains meeting. 

* All Anglers need to have all photos submitted by 3:30pm. No multiple photos, only 

   send the fish you are entering. There will be no exceptions for this. 

* All Anglers will be paid out at the award ceremony in cash. 

* All Anglers will follow local state and federal fishing rules and regulations. 

* All fish must be caught be hook and line, no cast netting allowed. 

* All Anglers will measure their fish according to the diagram below. 

* You are allowed to fish in any freshwater area in the state of Florida providing you are       at the captains meeting and back before 4pm. Please respect private property. 

* There are two divisions this year. 


Division 1 Kids age 5-13  

Division 2 Kids age 14-16



To Pre Register, please fill out the form below. Remember in the event of a tie, the angler who is registered first wins. 

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kids fishing tournament
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kids fishing
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